Baby & Toddler Reflex

is a special set of Reflexology techniques that help parents bond with their babies. It was conceived by Jenny Lee MCSP, MAR and Founder of Baby Reflex. The gentle techniques of touch on the babies' feet and hands aim to create in the baby a feeling of pleasure and relaxation. Such sensations can enhance the special loving touch that may already be set up between parent and baby creating a bond between them. However, some parents find bonding difficult. Baby Reflex aims to promote a gentle touch that makes bonding easier. "The loving touch between parent and baby is a gentle way to help babies flourish and encourages the communicating network of patterns in the babies brain to grow. Parents will find that the Baby Reflex techniques, adapted to the child's growth, will continue to encourage bonding between parent and baby in the crucial first four years of a child's life." Jenny Lee.

This is a New Service I will be offering Starting the end of July 2013.

This is a chance for small groups of mothers to learn calming reflexology techniques for their babies in a relaxed atmosphere over the course of 3 consecutive weeks. Dates and times will be displayed on the website or you may call to discuss upcoming dates.

Workshops can be arranged on an individual basis or with just two friends or you may wish to meet new friends with babies in the area! There will never be more than 6 Mothers and babies to ensure that everyone has individual attention.

Telephone Andrea on 01823 491 690.

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