Massage, Lymphatic and Sinus Treatments

Massage may be particularly effective in the treatment of musculo-skeletal issues such as backache, shoulder problems, hip pain, and neck strain as well as alleviating physical stresses and strains caused by poor posture and body misalignment. It may also prove beneficial for high blood pressure, oedema and depression. Those who are involved in serious sporting activities may benefit from regular massage while in training.
Massage, Lymphatic & Sinus Treatments #01

Much of my work is now clinically based by supporting post-operative patient recovery (knee and hip replacements, shoulder surgery and back operations). The massage may help to break down scar tissue and adhesions, improve blood and lymph flow in the area and reduce scar visibility. This work is covered by many private health insurance companies. However, this is only by consultant, GP or physio referral via the Nuffield Health Hospital, Taunton.
Lymphatic Treatments

Another area of my work is treating those with poor lymph system functioning. I have enhanced my massage skills and techniques to help with these issues, in particular those suffering from severe sinusitis (see below), oedema and general poor circulation. This work has resulted from my ongoing involvement with the Nuffield Health Hospital and the national shortage of lymphoedema nursing.
Massage, Lymphatic & Sinus Treatments #02Sinus Issues

I have developed a treatment which has proved particularly effective for those who have come to me with recurring sinus problems, hayfever and general nasal discomfort. As well as the face and head, the treatment includes the shoulders and neck as it is vital to stimulate the supply of fresh blood to the sinuses and nasal passages, while also assisting drainage of excess mucous and waste metabolites resulting from inflammation associated with these conditions. I may use Sonic equipment to enhance the treatment. Like the Natural Facelift Massage, this treatment has also proved beneficial to clients suffering with migraines and insomnia.

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